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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50!



What started out with $30, a lard bucket full of tire weights and an idea in the early 1960's has now transformed into the company today known as Arkie Lures Inc.. Founded by Bob Carnes, Arkie Lures soon revolutionized the Bass Jig market into what it is today.

At the time, a Bass Jig consisted of no more than a banana head jig head, deer or squirrel hair tied on, and a pork trailer. Jig fishing was a "local" thing, everyone made their own lures and they stayed in the local area. Always pushing himself to be a better fisherman, Bob was on a quest to make a better Bass Jig.

After several tries Bob produced his first "balanced" jig head. Virtually every bass jig on the market today comes from some variation of Bob's first production jig.

For Bob to get the balance better, he moved the hook eye to the front of the jig, helping to "balance" the jig even more. Next came the modern day "fiber" weed guards, which replaced the wire and rope guards of the day. Add to this, a new skirt material for a jig... Rubber! Originally from strands of a women's girdle, the rubber jig skirts soon won local and regional tournaments, and as word spread, national tournaments, including the Bass Masters Classic, and Red Man All American. Many lake and state bass records have been made with Arkie Jigs through the years as well.

While the use of rubber skirts have evolved into the popular silicone skirts of today, Arkie Lures continues to hand tie Bucktail Bass jigs. The silicone skirted, eye forward, "Arkie" style bass jig has become the industry standard for what is called a bass jig in the fishing industry.

Today, Arkie Lures continues on with its fish catching designs, with lures such as the Crawlin' Grub, and Crawlin' Fry, the ever popular Shinee Hinee crappie jig, and a huge assortment of Walleye, Crappie and Panfish jig heads and plastic lures.

For over 50 years now, the Arkie Jig has found it's way into the hearts, and tackle boxes of millions of fishermen.

You can rest assured that when Arkie Lures offers a product for sale to you, that someone here has tested it, and that it will catch fish. Thank you for visiting the Arkie Lures web site! If at any time you need to contact us please feel free to do so.