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Field Staff Guidelines

For 2021, we are bringing more organization to our Field Staff so that we can partner together to support the Arkie brand. Below, you will find our updated Field Staff guidelines outlining what we hope will further enhance the Field Staff program, as well as social media posting criteria, Field Staff expectations and ways we will be managing our field staff moving forward. 


The Arkie Lures Field Staff team is comprised of fishing enthusiasts from different areas of the country. As an ambassador to our brand, you are expected to promote and field test Arkie Lures’ products. Remember, that you are the face of our brand and should always conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner. We are honored to have you on our Field Staff and hope you feel the same way when promoting our brand. 


As brand ambassadors for the Arkie Lures, there are certain things that are required of you in order to maintain your Field Staff status.  

  • Social media activity on Facebook
  • A Minimum of 2 Arkie Lures-specific social media posts per month. (Sharing one of Arkie Lures posts does not count toward your 2-post minimum.)
  • Any video, being live or recorded, containing Arkie Lures during a month will count as your 2-post minimum (as long as Arkie Lures is tagged in the post)


Social media is one of the most powerful promotional tools out there. When posting about Arkie Lures, please tag us as a friend in your post. (If you do not tag us in your post, you will NOT get credit for that post)

  • Any post that Arkie Lures post on Facebook must be shared
  • On our Facebook page, we will develop a group for internal communication and all other will go through email to Leisa at


  • After being chosen for the Field Staff position, you will receive 40% discount on any order you place with us.
  • Refer Arkie Lures to local Tackle Shops in your area to become a dealer with us and you will receive 10% in cash or product discount on the dollar amount of the order, plus on any order they place going forward, within the year you are on our Field Staff team. (The Tackle Shop must make sure and tell us your name at the time of filling out the application to become a dealer for you to get your 10%)  
  • If interested in Arkie apparel, please contact Leisa for discounts and pricing.

Failure to meet the requirements outlined in this document will result in termination from the Arkie Lures Field Staff program. 

Your contract will expire March 1, 2022. 

If you have any questions, contact Leisa at 479-751-7891 or by email at

Thank You, 

Arkie Lures Inc.